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LED Lighting For Schools Saves Them Money

LED lighting for schools makes perfect sense.

After 14 years of working within the Education Sector, we know the issues schools and colleges face. We understand what they need to achieve and also we know how to make this happen.

Within a typical school budget, 80% of the costs are fixed. Only 20% of costs can be controlled. 80% of this manageable budget is the cost of utilities. So, if a school can reduce its gas and electricity use, it will make a substantial saving. LED lighting for schools helps them to achieve this.

LED Lighting Improves The Working Environment

As well as saving money, installing LED lighting in a school, will improve the learning environment and set an example to the students, showing them the importance of reducing carbon emissions.

We have a proven track record of installing LED lighting for schools and offer turnkey installation.

Free site audit to assess your lighting needs

We begin by completing a free site audit, looking at all of your lighting.

By auditing every single light fitting, measuring every single room and recording current light levels, we can calculate your energy usage and annual expenditure.

We then develop a LED lighting scheme for your school and show you how much it will save you. We also calculate the payback period, which is typically around three years.

Some Recent Projects

INVO Solar LED Lighting

Our range of solar powered LED lights comprise of the very latest technology in both LED chips and Solar PV. By using optimised LED and PV cells in our lights we are able to supply commercial LED lighting solutions that will stay lit during the UK winter months.

Easy to install and incredibly efficient, solar powered lighting offers the perfect solution where mains powered lighting isn’t suitable or is just too costly to install.

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Family-owned Business

Procure Direct Ltd was established in 2005 to provide high quality LED products at market-beating prices.

Based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, we have clients all across the UK. We have worked with organisations such as Lincolnshire County Council, Lincolnshire Police Force, Metsawood, NPower, Mitie, Kier and Heron Foods to name just a few.

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