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LED Lighting, Far Infrared Heating & Solar Solutions

Industrial LED Lighting & Solar

Working within industrial locations has certain hazards that other locations do not have, such as extreme cold or heat to moving robotic machinery. These all require care, knowledge and understanding.

Procure Direct has worked in some of the most extreme industrial operations in the UK, such as frozen food production areas and glass-making factories, both with their own issues and complications. We are used to working on permits and abiding by site rules and working closely with site teams to successfully deliver projects.

We will work with you

We know there are times when we just have to move out of the way, and other times we just have to work in certain areas at certain times. This is why all Procure Direct installation teams are flexible. We give you one price for supply and installation, this covers weekends, night shifts and any other shift you may have. We will work with you!

Free site audit to assess your lighting needs

Our free LED Lighting Audit will reveal your current spend on electrical lighting costs, show you the cost of installing LED Lighting and what the payback period will be. On average, our Industrial LED Lighting projects have a 12 month payback period, with many of our clients achieving even quicker results.

Some Recent Projects

INVO Solar LED Lighting

Our range of solar powered LED lights comprise of the very latest technology in both LED chips and Solar PV. By using optimised LED and PV cells in our lights we are able to supply commercial LED lighting solutions that will stay lit during the UK winter months.

Easy to install and incredibly efficient, solar powered lighting offers the perfect solution where mains powered lighting isn’t suitable or is just too costly to install.

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Family-owned Business

Procure Direct Ltd was established in 2005 to provide high quality LED products at market-beating prices.

Based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, we have clients all across the UK. We have worked with organisations such as Lincolnshire County Council, Lincolnshire Police Force, Metsawood, NPower, Mitie, Kier and Heron Foods to name just a few.

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