Office LED Lighting

A genuine LED installation within an office environment, if planned correctly can bring a relaxed yet bright environment to the office team. The difference LED lighting can make to office light levels is astounding as so many offices now have outdated and old yellow lighting, that is not only gloomy but in fact a risk to health.

By installing the correct LED such as our INVO Ultra UGR or INVO LED SKY Panel you can reduce the glare and yet increase the light levels. All our INVO range of LED lighting is <19 UGR, with our INVO Ultra UGR at just <15 UGR. And yet we can still reduce your energy consumption by around 70% (add to this controls such as daylight harvesting and proximity and this can increase to a staggering 85% reduction).

With the free audit we offer we will be able to give you the information you need to see, not only what you can save in costs, but what you can do to help reduce your carbon footprint and help the planet.


Installation & Maintenance

By installing the correct type of LED in a planned installation you can also vastly reduce your maintenance costs. With the typical fluorescent tube lasting around 8000 hours and one of our INVO LED luminaires lasting a minimum of 50,000hrs (*According tooLM80) the amount of time you spend in labour, swapping tubes and repairing fittings will be reduced drastically. Add to this the ground breaking, market smashing 5 year onsite warranty we offer and you can see very quickly that for a minimum of 5 years you will have zero maintenance costs on with an installation by Procure Direct.

LED lighting is said to be one of the best options when you want to save on your energy bill and help the environment. Why would you not want to save around 70% on your energy bill.

They last for 50,000 – 70,000 hours this equals to 5 – 8 years but some lights can last for 10 years if they are left off when not needed.

Office LED Lighting Savings Overview

See below two standard lighting examples for two offices showing scenarios for how much you could save by changing your current lighting to an LED Lighting Solution.

Office LED Saving

  Existing Lighting New Lighting
Fittings: 600×600 INVO LED Sky Panel
Total KWH: 117,816 45,055
Annual Electricity Cost: 123,111 £100,000
Product Life: 8,000 hours 50,000 hours
Annual Energy Savings %: 0% 62%
Annual Savings: £0 £10,114
Annual Savings Over 10 Years:
assuming energy rate does not increase
£0 £101,140
Payback (ROI):   2.6 years

Large Office LED Saving

  Existing Lighting New Lighting
Fittings: 5 and 6ft and 600×600 INVO 5ft Modern & INVO LED SKY Panel
Total KWH: 224,012 62,718
Annual Electricity Cost: £29,112 £8,153
Product Life: 8,000 hours 50,000 hours
Annual Energy Savings %: 0% 72%
Annual Savings: £0 £25,246
Annual Savings Over 10 Years:
assuming energy rate does not increase
£0 £252,460
Payback (ROI):   1.7 years

Benefits Of LED Lighting

The change to LED lighting can help your staff as studies show that lighting can affect the way people work. A place with higher quality light is shown to improve workers focus, give them more energy and they felt better about their jobs. Not to mention the reduction in headaches and migraines caused by fluorescent lighting. Reduced energy bill, Reduced carbon output, Reduced maintenance costs and even reduced sick time!

LED Lighting Controls

Within any office there are areas that are not attended and therefore no lighting required. This could be canteens and Kitchens, WCs and lobbies and even offices.

Why would you light an area of your office if no one is there? If you were at home you would turn your lights off when you left the room, but in an office no one turns lights off!

This is where the use of the correct lighting controls can add serious value/savings to an LED installation within an office. We can install within combined LED Luminaires proximity controls that power on when you enter the location and power off when you leave. We can supply daylight harvesting controls, that utilise the suns natural power and light to reduce the light that is needed from the LED luminaires, thus reducing your consumption and costs.

(Click here for examples of controls and how they will work for you, perhaps takes them to the lighting controls page)

We can now provide smart light controls that work with our LED lighting system, this helps save even more on your energy bill if well implemented. These use Bluetooth drivers and sensors that can be programmed from any smart device such as a mobile phone or tablet (for the security minded, this is encrypted to the highest level).

Skegness Business Centre

Case Study: Skegness Business Centre

We transformed the centre’s lighting scheme, reduced energy costs and hit the client’s Salix payback requirements all at the same time!


Case Study: Sills & Betteridge

We saved Sills & Betteridge nearly £6,000 in energy usage and reduced their annual maintenance costs by £2,500.



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