Project Description

We were required to reduce energy consumption as best as possible with the fastest possible payback period, while also increasing the current light levels. Due to the extreme -20 degree temperature within the cold store warehouse we had to work to specified time frames within the cold store with no impact to the working 24-hour day, 7 day a week operation. As the cold store was a sealed temperature controlled environment we could not drill any holes into the roof, but had to use the exiting holes that were on place from the old lighting.

Key Targets

  • Reduction of energy usage
  • Improvement of light quality
  • Payback of less than 2 years
  • No disruption to day to day operations running of the business
  • Not to drill holes into the sealed temperature controlled roof

The Solution
Firstly we had to design a bespoke bracket that would enable adjustment to make sure that our light fitting would be able to match the holes already drilled into the roof space. We had to allow for a wide variation of sizes so this was a very important aspect.

We used our 150 Watt SMD Low Bay light fitting with prismatic lens installed with high power microwave sensors. We had agreed with the client before installation the parameters for the sensors before hand so that installation could be as swift as possible. A very large proportion of the LED Low Bay light fittings were fitted with emergency backup battery packs.

As we would be working in an extreme environment we could only work for 45 minute intervals, so we operated a 2 team shift pattern, while one team worked in the cold store, the other would prepare the next lights and brackets for install and warm up.

We worked very closely with the management team to ensure we were able to work in areas that were empty or not in use, so as not to get in the way of production. This worked very well and the installation completed within time frames.

“Procure Direct were chosen over other bidders not only on cost but on their approach to working with ourselves in the replacement of 136 existing metal halide light fittings with equivalent LED fittings. Working at height in a very busy -20C cold store facility posed many challenges and all were adequately faced and met by Procure Direct with no effect on our products or on our distribution activities.

“Spencer and his team worked in partnership with ourselves from the very beginning quickly adapting to any arising issues and delivering the project on time. Being happy with the product itself, the cost and standards of work achieved, we have now placed a further instruction with Procure Direct to roll out the LED lighting replacements into our chilled store.“
Steve Dean, Facilities Manager, Heron Foods


  • Annual Energy Savings: £29,200

  • Annual Maintenance Savings: £2,448

  • Estimated Sensor Savings: £6,600

  • Payback Period: 1.1 years

  • Total Savings Over 15-Year Lifespace: £382,930