Project Description

We were asked to complete a survey in order to replace the existing 400W metal halide lights with LED fittings. The existing fittings were considered a fire hazard so using a safer and more energy efficient solution was imperative.

Key Targets

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Replace existing lighting which was considered a fire hazard
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Improve quality of light

The Solution
Arco’s large warehouse environment was a perfect fit for our INVO 150W LED High Bay fitting. A total of 69 LED fittings were installed over just two days meaning minimal disruption to the business.

Due to the time that the lights are in use, the payback on this project is an incredible 12 months.

The above photo demonstrates the huge difference in light quality offered by our INVO LED High Bay fitting.

Arco now benefit from lower energy costs, zero maintenance


  • Annual Energy Savings: £13,928

  • Annual Maintenance Savings: £2,775

  • Payback Period: 1 year

  • Annual CO2 Saving: 77,408KG