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Posted on 30 April 2024 by Spencer Coffin

Harnessing the Sun: Advantages of Solar Powered Lighting

In recent years, there has been a significant shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly solutions in various industries. One such area where this shift is highly evident is in outdoor lighting. Solar powered lighting has emerged as a viable and advantageous alternative to conventional mains powered lighting. In this blog, we will explore the numerous advantages of solar powered lighting, including speed of installation, lower installation costs, zero carbon emissions, sensor controls, higher lumen to watt ratios, and dark sky options that are bat and insect friendly.
Solar powered lighting systems are relatively easy and quick to install compared to traditional mains powered lighting. Since there is no need for extensive trenching, wiring or connection to the electrical grid, the installation process is simplified, saving time, effort and most importantly costs.
Solar powered lighting eliminates the need for expensive trenching and wiring work associated with mains powered lighting systems. This significantly reduces installation costs, making solar lighting an economical choice, especially for remote or inaccessible locations. The luminaries if chosen correctly, can also be less expensive than traditional lighting solutions, therefore the savings are considerable.
Solar powered lighting operates solely on clean and renewable solar energy. By harnessing the power of the sun, these lighting systems produce zero carbon emissions, contributing to a greener and more sustainable environment. All the INVO ranges of solar lighting are designed and modified for use in the Uk with our somewhat unpredictable weather.
Many solar lighting systems come equipped with advanced sensor controls, such as motion sensors and daylight sensors. These sensors allow for efficient energy management by automatically adjusting the lighting levels based on occupancy and ambient light conditions. This results in further energy savings and increased convenience. It also increases the battery life and light fitting run time, so with a combination of controls and sensors we are able to supply lights that last all over the winter months.
All our lighting systems use high-capacity batteries to store excess energy generated during the day. This ensures reliable lighting throughout the night, even during periods of low sunlight or inclement weather conditions. We also have many options for increasing battery capacity or adding extra batteries if required.
Advancements in lighting technology have led to higher lumen to watt ratios in lighting systems. This means that solar powered lights can provide brighter illumination using fewer watts of energy, resulting in greater energy efficiency and cost savings.
Solar powered lighting can come with dark sky options, which means they are designed to minimise light pollution and glare. These lighting systems are thoughtfully designed to direct light downwards, reducing light spillage and preserving the natural darkness of the night sky. Additionally, dark sky options are bat and insect friendly, ensuring a more harmonious coexistence with nature.

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