LED Lighting For Warehouses

With electrical lighting costs consuming around 80% of a typical warehouses electrical bill, reducing the wattage of the lights is by far the fastest way to reduce your energy costs and carbon output.

Using a combination of Procure Directs INVO LED lighting solutions tailored to your needs you can reduce the wattages by around 70%. Add in sensors that will enable the lights to only come on when a truck or person travels down an isle and this can be increased to a saving of around 80%

Warehouse LED Lighting Solutions

With Procure Directs bespoke lighting solutions using the advanced INVO LED lights in your warehouse you will not just save energy, reduce your costs but also create a safer working environment with improved lights levels. Many accidents within a warehouse can be avoided with increased light levels.

Our Warehouse LED Lighting solutions are tailored specifically for client. We will take the time to complete a free of charge audit, produce the energy saving calculations, formalise an installation plan (with your site team) and finally propose a solution that ticks all the right boxes to make it a simple no brainer!
Procure Direct have worked in many warehouse environments, from automated machines to fast pick handwork. We know what is required to make it happen for you.

With our FREE energy saving audit, we give you peace of mind as we provide a detailed report showing not only how much you can save but also how much your current lighting is actually costing you.


Benefits of LED Lighting In Warehouses

  • Complete range of adjustable angle LED

  • Impact resistant, IP rated and ATEX explosion proof fittings

  • 5000k cool white light (daylight in your warehouse)

  • Huge range of sensors and controls such as daylight harvesting

  • Built in emergency backup batteries

  • Maintenance FREE, no more down time fixing lights

  • 5 years onsite warranty for peace of mind

  • Swift installation, working with your teams

  • Largest possible savings with fastest possible paybacks

Project Management

Private and Public sector organisations have a keen eye on the bottom line, and for good reason.

In today’s world of rising costs, getting just as much clarity on your energy consumption is vital which is why smart organisations across the world are investing into technologies which either reduce energy, generate energy and store energy.

If you aren’t clear about where your energy consumption is being used and spent then we can help you with this. The first step is to apply for a free energy audit.


Funding LED Installation

Procure Direct can not only supply and install the LED lighting into your warehouse, but we are able to help fund the project as well. This means you do not even need to use your own capital to cover the costs. With a typical warehouse LED lighting project having a payback of around 18 months and funding options from 12 months to 60 you can spread the costs and have a monthly reduction in your outgoings.


Case Study: Arco

Arco’s large warehouse environment was a perfect fit for our INVO 150W LED High Bay fitting. 

Heron Foods LED Lighting Case Study

Case Study: Heron Foods

Our innovative approach will save Heron Foods nearly £400,000 over the lifetime of the installation!



Contact us today to find out about FREE Energy Management Audit and learn how much you can save.