Warehouse: Lighting and heating

When it comes to warehouse lighting and heating Procure Direct know exactly what you need to achieve.

We have worked in some of the largest and most well-known distribution centres, from cold and chilled products through to high-value electrical goods.

We know you need to achieve brighter working environments for safety while keeping your costs low. We know how to do this and we have the LED lighting solution you need. Facility managers, from industrial warehouses, commercial storage and distribution centres, all want to reduce energy consumption and save lighting costs. So it’s really important to select the right LED lighting for your warehouse application.

We know you need a longer lifetime, Reduced maintenance costs, rapid response to issues and even special emergency solutions. The advantage of having Procure Direct come out and complete an LED Lighting audit is we can ensure you get what you need and want and save you a fortune. The average warehouse has a payback of under 18 months when installed with INVO LED High bay.

warehouse lighting and heating
Solar PV for industrial spaces

Warehouse Solar Solutions

As with the LED Lighting audit, we will complete a Solar PV survey. This can be completed at the same time as the LED lighting survey, but instead of looking around the rooms, we just need access to the distribution boards and consumer units. We then take measurements from both Google Earth and also on the actual roof where possible. With this data, we then produce a simple calculation that shows how much energy we can produce from Solar PV on your roof. However this is where Procure Direct are different. We do not just fill your roofs with as much solar PV as they will take…Instead we look at what electric you consume now, and what electric you will consume after LED is installed. We can then tailor the Solar PV requirement to match your needs and demands. This means that your LED Lighting and Solar PV have been optimised to work alongside each other. The effect of this optimisation is a lower cost for your building, and therefore a faster payback.

warehouse lighting and heating

Case Study: Arco

Arco’s large warehouse environment was a perfect fit for our INVO 150W LED High Bay fitting.

warehouse lighting and heating

Case Study: Heron Foods

Our innovative approach will save Heron Foods nearly £400,000 over the lifetime of the installation!



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