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Smart Lighting Controls

Bluetooth Mesh network, hi-tech, easy to use
Install & play, no-gateway, directly connect to mobile APP, easy to configure and use

Simple interface, quick to apply, ready for both newly-designed and upgrade lights
Different sizes to match troffer, linear, panel lights. PWM for variable drivers & lights; suitable for office, classroom, library, hospital and lights upgrade projects

Hibay controller with 0-10v/relay interface for various hibay lights

Smart Lighting Controls
Smart Lighting Controls

Smart Lighting Controls – Sensor interaction and human care
Sensor interaction, photon sensor to maintain comfortable lighting, flicker free, circadian ready for more healthy lighting. Optimized PIR for better indoor use.

Energy saving, environment friendly, market tested

Save up to 6 KWH per month and save up to 20,000 KWH for a 1000 square meter office each year. *

Comply to latest DLC/NLC requirements, proved project application in classroom, office in North America **

No signal line, switch line, Easy to install and maintain
Wireless, only power line needed, no signal lines Wireless switch, install anywhere and control any lights & scenes

* As calculated by data collected in LiteTrace lab
** Comply to latest DLC/NLC requirements, include movements sensor, daylight harvesting, Top Trim, networking and power consumption logging.

Advantages of Smart Lighting Controls

Privacy protection for commercial and oversea customers
No registration needed, easy to use. Password free, no need to memorize password and no leak risk. Privilege control by active sharing QR codes. Minimum online data storage, complete isolation from office network, risk-free from hackers. Absolutely no worry for privacy infringement.

Common solutions require registration by mobile phone or email and requires lots steps and operations. High risks of password and privacy leak. Online storage and control and maybe out of work due to internet connection problems, high risks of data lost and hack destruction. Difficult to gain trust from commercial and oversea customers.

Smart Lighting Controls

High reliable, high consistency wireless control technology
Innovative wireless technologies with high reliability and consistency for commercial applications. Stable and reliable communication with real-time feedback for more than 100 nodes in one single mesh network. Large coverage area of more than 400 meters diameter with latency less than 50 ms.

Common solutions using public software/hardware/APP, reliability and performance suffer when nodes number exceeds 10-20 and may cause occasional out-of-usage and up to 2-3 seconds of latency Not an ideal solution for commercial usage.

Innovative wireless and interaction technologies, comply to energy-saving subsidies policy

Innovative wireless pairing technology, separate installing and commissioning for project management. Saving lots of on-site labor work with convenient configuration. AI self-study brightness auto calibration, const illumination with accuracy up to 95%, combined with motion sensor technology, save more than 60% of lighting energy and comply to energy-saving subsidies policy for better promotion.

Common solutions require button press matching, pin-code or QR code scanning, intertwines installation and commission and requires high technology for installation workers, difficult for commercial projects. Simple photon sensor control, not const illumination control and may not comply to energy-saving subsidies policy.

Several innovation patents, creative technologies
Patented linkage control technology, sensor control algorithm, dimming and control algorithm, much better experience than common products.

Innovative ultra-low power consumption for LiteTrace battery-powered switch, more than 10 years life time with low-self-leakage batteries, easy to install and use.

Only supply line voltage switch, limitted usage. Short life time for common battery-powered switch. Need to change battery every 1-2 year. Public version of dimming control, sensor software, with only inferior user experience.

Smart Lighting Controls

Daylight Harvesting

Daylight harvesting


Auto dim lights to average of 10% output for comfortable lighting when there is enough natural light on sunny bright days.

Daylight harvesting


Auto dim lights to average of 23% output for comfortable lighting when there is plenty natural light on cloudy days.

Daylight harvesting


Auto dim lights to average of 47% output for comfortable lighting when there is modest natural light on overcast days.

Daylight harvesting at night


Auto dim lights to average of 80% output for comfortable lighting when there is no natural light in the nights.

Office/Classroom application

Two step timing for motion sensor, multiple lights communicate with each other through BLE mesh network. Group and linkage control to provide more comfortable and healthier lighting experience for classrooms and offices.

Daylight harvesting

Lights in the corridor linked together in one group so that when motion is detected it will provide sufficient lighting throughout the corridor.

Daylight harvesting

Group linkage to provide comfortable environment lighting for over-time working employees.

Daylight harvesting

Group linkage to maintain comfortable, energy saving lighting for ordinary working office.


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