Sills & Betteridge LED Case Study

The Brief – LED Lighting 

We were asked to look at all the Sills & Betteridge offices and come up with a plan of reducing energy consumption, carbon foot print, running costs and also improve lighting levels in some locations. While causing minimum disruption to day to day working life.

Key Targets

  • Reduction of energy usage
  • Improvement of light quality
  • Reduce Carbon footprint and reduce running costs
  • Fast payback
  • Minimal disruption to day to day running of business

The Solution

After visiting all Sills & Betteridge location across Lincolnshire and logging every light fitting, we entered the data into our energy calculation spread sheet. This showed us what energy was being consumed by the lighting alone. We then proceeded to work out what light fittings would be best suited to the working environment and location. This then enabled us to enter the data of the new LED light fittings into the same energy spread sheet.

Due to the number of different buildings and layouts we used a combination of LED Grill Panels, LED Batten fittings, LED Bulkhead sensor lights and LED GU10 lamps.

The installation took place during the working day, weekends and night shifts and was handed back to clean and tidy before. Therefore there was very little disruption to working life for
the client.

In all WC’s we used our New Intelligent Sensor lights to replace the existing 2D fittings. These maximise efficiency by only using the power needed to boost ambient light levels, or to illuminate when occupancy is detected. The improvement in light quality is significant.

Project Savings

(Complete turnkey solution including installation)









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