Retail LED Lighting

Retail outlets need to attract customers, they need to make them walk in and not past the door! Once in side they then need to retain customers. Retail store LED lightings become a crucial factor to create the correct comfortable shopping environment. There are in fact many types of requirement for Retail LED lighting from – local lighting, decorative lighting, taste lighting and architectural design lighting

Therefore LED lighting for retail stores must be flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Our ranges of LED lighting are a great solution for retail stores as they feature isolated drivers (portable) meaning as displays move around within the store, so can the lights. Most are dimmable , so you can create the correct light level depending on the season, but most import they have optimal performance, energy efficiency and maintenance savings.

Procure Direct will complete a simple LED Lighting Audit and calculate how many lights you need and what savings can be achieved. This is a free service, therefore you have nothing to lose by asking us to attend your store and workout what we can save and achieve for you.


Our Solar Solution

As with the LED Lighting audit, we will complete a solar survey. This can be completed at the same time as the LED lighting survey, but instead of looking around the rooms, we just need access to the distribution boards and consumer units. We then take measurements from both Google Earth and also on the actual roof where possible. With this data, we then produce a simple calculation that shows how much energy we can produce from Solar PV on your roof. However this is where Procure Direct are different. We do not just fill your roofs with as much solar PV as they will take…Instead we look at what electric you consume now, and what electric you will consume after LED is installed. We can then tailor the Solar PV requirement to match your needs and demands. This means that your LED Lighting and Solar PV have been optimised to work alongside each other. The effect of this optimisation is a lower cost for the store, and therefore a faster payback.


Benefits Of Far Infra-Red Heating

One of the biggest costs to a retail store apart from staffing and stock are the costs of heating a shop where the front doors must always be open. We are all taught to close a door behind you as the heat will escape. Yet in Retail stores the doors must always be open and inviting. As consumers we all know what it’s like to walk into a warm shop when it’s cold outside. We all walk in and stand under the hot air blower…Of course this heater is on all day non-stop heating the environment. If you use Far Infrared Heating to warm your store you will benefit from the fact it hits the objects up, not the air in the shop. This means you can use less power to get the same effect and cold air coming in, will not affect the temperature your clients feel. Changing rooms will be warm and comfortable

There are many health benefits to using Far Infrared Heating apart from running costs, these range from reduction in dust, clean heat with no fumes, no moving parts, reduction in damp to name a few. If your store is using electric heating then you need to speak to us now…Far Infrared Heating is around 98% efficient, meaning nearly all the electric that is put into the heater, comes out as heat, unlike your current electrical heating.


Case Study: Rookes Pet Products

We saved Rookes nearly £7,000 a year in energy costs with a solution that paid for itself in just over 2 years!


Case Study: Just Automotive

Our solar partners developed a Solar PV system for Just Automotive that generate over 43,000 kWh of energy!



Contact us today to find out about FREE Energy Management Audit and learn how much you can save.