LED Lighting

LED lighting in a retail store is almost essential!

The retail marketplace is having a hard time of it currently with many high street brands and shops closing down all over the country. Margins are tight and prices super competitive, however, a simple LED lighting installation could actually help.

Reducing your costs is the fastest and easiest way to increase net profit. LED lighting pays for itself and will reduce your electricity bills significantly!

As well as cutting costs, LED lighting will brighten up your retail space, making it an attractive, welcoming and comfortable place in which to shop.

LED lighting in a retail storeLED lighting in a retail store
LED lighting for retail outlets

Our LED Lighting Solution

Our LED lighting solutions reduce energy bills and improve the appearance of retail outlets.

LED lights last from 50,000 – 70,000 hours this is equivalent to 5 – 8 years, some can even go for 10 years depending on how is being controlled.

We offer a market smashing 5-year onsite warranty.

How much do you currently spend each year in labour costs and bulb replacements? With a Procure Direct LED installation, you will have zero maintenance costs for 5 years.

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Benefits Of LED Lighting

The LED lighting we can supply into the retail environment is extensive. We can provide LED for any type of light requirement in retail, from security, safety, external, car parks, mood and theme, and display lighting.

Funding for LED lighting and far infrared heating

Funding LED Lighting

If you do not have the capital to spend on an LED installation do not worry, we have funding options that can support your requirement and have a cost neutral paymack (meaning the savings you achieve from the LED can be used to payback the funding.)



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