Npower – Mitie LED Case Study

The Brief – LED Lighting 

We were asked to complete an energy reduction assessment on various npower sites across the Midlands and complete lighting surveys to estimate the electrical light costs and calculate if there were any potential savings by convering to LED.  After surveying each site we were able to complete a full energy assessment of usage, therefore calculate what savings could be achieved for each site.  Due to the duties carried out on site by staff, and long working hours, we were advised that only a night time installation would be possible.  We had to take into account reduced working hours and that all areas had to be left clean and tidy ready for the next working day.

Key Targets

  • Reduction of energy usage and implementation of new technology
  • Improvement of overall light quality to achieve a better working environment
  • Payback ofless than 3 years
  • No project disruption to the day to day operations of the workforce
  • Overall reduction in maitenance costs

Project Savings

(Complete turnkey solution including installation)









The Solution

With site survey completed, we were able to demonstrate a full project payback of under 3 years as requested by the client.  To keep disruption to the day to day running of the business to a minimum, we installed all fittings overnight and on the weekend to ensure full clean up so that offices were ready for use the following morning.  We wanted to keep the range of LED used on site to a minimum so used a combination of our INVO LED panel lights, INVO LED Round panels and 2D LED fittings.

Installation was completed during night time shifts and completed within the agreed time frame.  We worked to strict parameters set down by the client and abided by all rule.  Waste material was remove from site in accordance with WEEE regulations and disposed of correctly.

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