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Education Sector Asset Funding Answers

In these days of increasingly reduced budgets in the UK education sector, finding the finances to replace outdated equipment or move forward with technology is becoming ever harder. Educational establishments of all kinds are looking for alternative practical and cost-effective funding solutions.

Maxxia facilitates leasing solutions for schools, to assist them to make improvements or gain access to better equipment. The range of leased items can vary widely, from the generally most popular ICT technology, to kitchen catering equipment, an upgrade to LED lighting or even temporary classrooms.

No matter what your school funding needs are, Maxxia will work with you to give the greatest compliance, cost-effectiveness and efficiency in today’s school leasing alternatives.

In ensuring that all leased assets are fully sustainable and can be resold when finished with, or recycled at the end of their useful lives, Maxxia fully complies with the latest Government criteria.

Maxxia’s funding solutions are tailored to fulfil the requirements and administrative processes of every part of the education sector. All types of educational establishment can benefit from these solutions, including private or state-run schools, colleges, academies and universities.

Equally importantly, every one of Maxxia’s leasing agreements is totally transparent, allowing leaseholders to easily see precisely what is happening at any point in the leasing period.

As an example of the efficiency of a leasing solution provided by Maxxia, see how a school was assisted to save £50,000.


Procure Direct work closely with Maxxia to ensure a cost effective leasing option is available to our customers who wish to change to LED lighting.  We recently completed a successful installation at Welton St Mary’s school in Lincolnshire and in partnership with Maxxia, were able to offer suitable leasing options for the school.

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