LED Lighting

Procure Direct design and manufacture the majority of our LED lighting units ourselves, on our own production line. As a lighting manufacturer we have total control over all aspects of the procurement of the materials to the assembly of the actual LED light fitting. Due to this, we are able to offer a very diverse and bespoke range of LED lighting solutions. We can design and build a light fitting that works for the client and not just supply an LED light fitting. This means we are able to hit paybacks that are far lower than our competition through offering incredibly efficient lighting. From time to time we will supply very special LED units that work in situations that regular LED will not, such as hot and cold areas and locations with high vandalism.

Our client base is vast and wide reaching and includes both public sector and private organisations. We have an LED solution for every situation, we can make a bespoke lighting plan to match your exact needs.

LED Lighting Top Intro

Vandal Proof LED Solar Bollard

The strongest anti-vandal LED solar bollard you have ever seen! Engineered to perform like conventional bollards. The INVO Anti Vandal solar bollards feature high performing LED’s with the highest quality components for the best and longest performance. Our PD-VDL-001 bollard is constructed and designed to reach the highest anti-vandal impact rating IK10++ making it almost impossible to break. The PD-VDL-001 is also totally waterproof with an IP68 rating, making it ideal for where there is a risk of flooding.

With optional motion sensors and a super efficient 6.3 watt monocrystalline solar panel powering a 5 watt LED, just 6 hours of daylight will provide enough power for 24 hours of light output.

Vandal Proof LED Solar Bollard
Solar LED Bollard Lights

INVO LED Solar Bollards

Our range of solar powered LED bollards have been engineered to perform like conventional bollards. They comprise of the very latest technology in both LED chips and Solar PV. By using optimised LED and PV cells in our bollards we are able to supply commercial LED Bollards that will stay lit during the UK winter months. Easy to install and incredibly efficient, solar powered lighting offers the perfect solution where mains powered lighting isn’t suitable or is just too costly to install.

Solar powered LED bollard lights are a very popular type of fitting especially for commercial applications. They can be installed in and around car parks, at entrances to commercial buildings, along footpaths, in outdoor shopping centres and such like. The LED light output is great in providing low level amenity lighting without causing light pollution. Typical spacing would be around 5m to 10m apart or further depending upon the requirements of the application.

With a new update for 2020, all of our LED Solar Bollards now have built in motion sensors, allowing for even better battery performance. In standby mode, the LED will illuminate at 30% brightness, once movement is detected within a 5 metre radius, the LED will illuminate to 100% for 30 seconds, ensuring the area is lit at the required time.

With options ranging from 250 lumen to 500 lumen output, along with CCT options of 4000K or 5000K, we are certain we can find a LED Solar Bollard suitable for your needs.

INVO LED Solar Pedestrian Lights

The new range of solar powered LED pedestrian lights use the very latest technology in both LED chips, Solar PV Cells and sensor controls. Our products are certified by top laboratories for their safety and performance. Our objective is to offer the most efficient LED Solar products on the market. We have had them optimised for use in the UK, this means in even the most poorest of weather conditions you can reply on INVO lighting. The cost savings of the infrastructure alone for regular lighting is massive, left alone the savings by having free energy from the sun.

Solar Pedestrian Lights

AOS Pro Solar Street Light

The compact solar lighting solution! The ultimate fully integrated solar street light system. With an extremely simple way of installation compared to traditional lead acid battery systems. AOS Pro is the latest version of the AOS Series, with an original new design.


Invo High & Low Bay Bay Lighting

Utilising the latest in LED technology, our LED High & Low bay lights offers superb energy efficiency combined with high lumen outputs that allow effective replacement of both 250 watt and 400w metal halide luminaires. We now have options for lens control, that provides accurate distribution of light, ensuring minimal wastage and energy consumption. If you want to see what our High & Low Bay LED lights can do for you, contact us now and we will discuss the various options with you.

Invo LED High Bay light
INVO Eco LED Hight Bay Light

INVO ECO & ECO Sport LED Lighting

Our INVO Eco range of LED High Bay fittings offer cutting edge modular design with pure aluminium extrusion heatsink which comes with excellent heat dissipation and anti-corrosion capacity.

The lens are hot swappable, this means that with no tools, you can slide out the lens and change the angles, therefore should the tasks below the light change it is easy to change the light angles.

Toolless entry means modules such as emergency kit or sensor controls can be added easily if required. Universal mounting options include, hanging chain, surface mount and pole mount.

Our sports version has been designed for high impact environments, perfect for sports halls and gymnasiums where balls may well hit the light fittings. Not only are they supplied with very sturdy grill covers, but the construction of the fitting has been engineered to take the impact also. With a massive 150lumen per watt of power these lights really can save you a fortune.


LED Panel Lights

Our range of LED Panels are not only designed to look impressive in the ceiling but they are designed with energy reduction and light level improvement in mind. By selecting Procure Direct to supply and possibly install your lighting needs, you can be sure that what we supply uses the very best technology available. Coupled with our 5 years warranty package you can relax knowing you have chosen the correct lighting provider.

You will find that we have a varied range of styles, each designed for certain applications. Yes a standard LED panel can be placed anywhere, but with our range you can ensure you are using a LED light fitting that has been designed for the specific application intended.

INVO LED Sky Panel

INVO LED SKY Panel Tp(b)

The new INVO LED Panels use the very best LED chip. They are LM-80 tested and compliant, assuring you of a long life.

They use a bespoke LED driver designed for use with these LED Panels so that maximum savings can be achieved.

With a huge lumen to wattage ratio, you are sure to reduce your electrical lighting costs by installing them.


INVO Firesafe TP(a) Rated Sky Panel
Using just 33 Watts of power, the INVO Firesafe® LED SKY Panel, provides up to 30 minutes of life-saving fire-resistance and is fully compliant with BS2782-0, BS 476-6, BS476-12 and is compliant with Building Regulations Part L (2014). It has also been tested by the Lighting Industry Association and verified to be fully Tp(a) compliant. It’s CE certified and LM70 Tested.

As well as providing peace of mind in the event of a fire, the INVO Firesafe® LED SKY Panel also boasts a 130lm/watt ratio – the highest proven lumen to watt ratio currently available!Both our standard and emergency INVO Firesafe® LED SKY Panel luminaires achieve their lengthy fire resistance thanks to their 3mm thick fire-resistant lenses.

The majority of other products on the market use inferior 2mm thick lenses.

INVO Firesafe LED SKY Panel
INVO LED Sky Panel

INVO Bluetooth LED SKY Panel Tp(b)

The all new 2020 release of INVO LED SKY Panel sees the incorporation of Bluetooth controls. This now means you can have total and precise control over not only what lights come on when, but how long they stay on for, how bright they are, as well as pre-set scene’s.

From an APP on your phone of tablet you can control every light within your building. With features such as MESH, and daylight harvesting you can now save that little bit extra (on average you would save around 20% extra energy by using our new Bluetooth controlled LED SKY Panel.



Brand new to the market, our Ultra Low UGR panels offer market leading UGR ratings of <12. With amazing light distribution and low glare they are perfect for the classroom or office environment. These can be supplied with a huge range of sensors and even the new Bluetooth features. If you have a need for low glare lighting, then the INVO Ultra UGR is the panel for you.


INVO LED Battens

The new INVO LED batten fittings are designed to make installation fast and simple and also give the best possible energy savings. To achieve this we use a very simplistic design, there are just 2 components within our INVO LED Battens Fittings, the LED Driver and the LED Gear Tray, both of which are connected with simple push fit connections. This allows for a very swift and easy install for the engineers. The very efficient LED means you can use a far lower powered LED Fitting to produce equal if not better light levels than those already in place with the conventional light fittings. Add to this our market leading 5 year warranty and you get peace of mind, fantastic lighting and amazing paybacks.

Our INVO LED are perfect for schools, offices, factories, in fact they will be a direct replacement for any fluorescent fitting already installed. If you are looking for the perfect LED lighting then contact us and we will do the rest.

Procure Direct project management image

Project Management

Due to working with so many schools and educators we understand that time is a big concern for clients, that’s why our team will manage everything for you from the FREE initial lighting audit, energy saving calculations, design plan, funding application and installation of your LED Lighting.

Our service will be provided within the time constraints given, with as little intrusion to teaching as possible, this includes working weekends and night shifts at no extra costs.

Funding for LED lighting and far infrared heating


Are you aware there are grants and funding options for your Lighting, Heating and Solar projects? Procure Direct can help you locate and apply for some of these grants and funding options. Our team are happy to work with you and source any help that is available. Many funding options are cash positive, meaning the amounts you pay back each month are less than the savings you achieve from the technologies. Add to this the advanced warranty you quite literally have no risks



Contact us today to find out about FREE Energy Management Audit and learn how much you can save.