LED lighting for offices

LED lighting for offices is incredibly important.

With office workers sitting at their desks for long periods of time and quite often looking at screens, correct light levels can make a huge difference.

We often find that even when LED lighting for offices is present, it uses the wrong type of LED. The main reason for this is most office LED Installations are not part of an energy-saving solution and the scheme has not been installed by a specialist LED company.

If your LED panels or light fittings have a blue colouring, then you could be using the wrong type of LED lighting for your office.

All office lighting must a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of less than <19. This is the amount of glare from the lights and installation. This is why all LED lights from Procure Direct have a UGR value of <19. Our brand new INVO Ultra UGR has a staggering low UGR of <12. This means it is the most perfect LED panel light to use within an office environment. Click here to view the INVO Ultra UGR Panel

LED lighting for offices
Solar PV installation

Solar For Offices

As with the LED Lighting audit, Procure Direct will complete a solar survey. This can be completed at the same time as the LED lighting survey, but instead of looking around the rooms, we just need access to the distribution boards and consumer units. We then take measurements from both Google Earth and also on the actual roof where possible. With this data, we then produce a simple calculation that shows how much energy we can produce from Solar PV on your roof. However this is where Procure Direct are different. We do not just fill your roofs with as much solar PV as they will take…Instead we look at what electric you consume now, and what electric you will consume after LED is installed. We can then tailor the Solar PV requirement to match your needs and demands. This means that your LED Lighting and Solar PV have been optimised to work alongside each other. The effect of this optimisation is a lower cost for your office, and therefore a faster payback on your investment.

Far Infrared Heating For Offices

With many offices using their air conditioning as their main heating source, many offices are wasting electric, damaging the environment and spending far more on electric than they will believe.

By using far Infrared heating within your office instead of the air conditioning you will be amazed by the savings as well as the far better feeling of clean warmth. The average office has a return on investment of less than 12 months by switching to Far Infrared Heating.

You can find out more about Far Infrared Heating here.

Far infrared heating
LED lighting at Skegness Business Centre

Case Study: Skegness Business Centre

We transformed the centre’s lighting scheme, reduced energy costs and hit the client’s Salix payback requirements all at the same time!

Sills & Betteridge LED lighting case study image

Case Study: Sills & Betteridge

We saved Sills & Betteridge nearly £6,000 in energy usage and reduced their annual maintenance costs by £2,500.



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