Working With Industry

Working within industrial locations has certain hazards that other locations do not have – From extreme cold to extreme heat to moving robotic machinery. These all require care, knowledge and understanding. Procure Direct have had the pleasure in working in some of the most extreme industrial operations in the UK. We have worked in frozen food production areas to glass production, both with their own issues and complications. We are used to working on permits and abiding by site rules and working closely with site teams to make project happen. We know there are times when we just have to move out of the way, and other times we just have to work in certain areas at certain times. This is why all Procure direct installation teams are flexible. We give you one price for supply and installation, this covers weekends, night shift and any other shift you may have. We will work with you!

Arco warehouse case study

LED Lighting For Industry

Installing LED lighting within an industrial operation can have amazing results for both savings and visual effect and well-being. Using INVO LED Lighting can bring light levels up to where they need to be and improve health and safety. We can bespoke a solution to meet your needs, this means we do not just supply LED off a shelf, but will design and manufacture an LED solution that does what you want. A quick LED audit will be completed and from this we will be able to show you what you are spending on electrical lighting costs (most companies are shocked at what their lighting costs them to run) A typical Industrial LED Lighting Solution will have a typical payback of around 12 months, with many of our clients achieving even quicker results.


Solar For Industry

As with the LED Lighting audit, we will complete a Solar PV survey. This can be completed at the same time as the LED lighting survey, but instead of looking around the rooms, we just need access to the distribution boards and consumer units. We then take measurements from both Google Earth and also on the actual roof where possible. With this data, we then produce a simple calculation that shows how much energy we can produce from Solar PV on your roof. However this is where Procure Direct are different. We do not just fill your roofs with as much solar PV as they will take…Instead we look at what electric you consume now, and what electric you will consume after LED is installed. We can then tailor the Solar PV requirement to match your needs and demands. This means that your LED Lighting and Solar PV have been optimised to work alongside each other. The effect of this optimisation is a lower cost for your building, and therefore a faster payback.


Case Study: SMT Volvo

Over the ten year life span, our LED Lighting solution will save SMT Volvo almost £250,000!

Saint Gobain small

Case Study: Saint Gobain

A major project, undertaken in three phases, is saving Saint Gobain £20,000 per year in reduced utility bills and maintenance costs.



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