LED Lighting For Industry

Converting your existing lights to the very latest technically advanced LED lighting will not only enable you to drastically reduce your energy consumption and therefore costs, but will increase light levels and improve working conditions, this in turn makes for a safer working environment.

The manufacturing sector is one of a few sectors that can actually achieve paybacks of between 12 to 18 months. This is due to very high power, high level lighting that has not changed in design for many years. We can typically remove a 400 watt light fitting and replace it with a 120 watt INVO LED Low Bay. This is a crazy reduction of 280 watts per fitting, or put another way, one of our INVO LED Low Bay costs the same to run as 3 of your 400 watt high bay. Then add in sensors such as daylight harvesting and proximity and these saving could be increased by around another 30%.

Arco warehouse case study

5000k Cool White LED Lighting

Our 5000k cool white LED lights bring daylight into your working environment. This can help with identification, quality control as well as many health benefits, so its not just about reducing carbon and saving money, but also improving the working conditions.

All INVO LED have a lifespan of between 50,000 – 70,000 hours, within a typical factory environment this is around 7 times the lifespan of your current lighting.

Industrial LED Lighting Savings Overview

See below two standard lighting examples for two industrial units showing how much you could save by changing your current lighting to an LED Lighting Solution.

Industrial LED Saving

Existing Lighting New Lighting
Fittings: 6FT Fluorescent Tube Fittings and 400 watt SON INVO 5ft Modern LED batons and INVO LED Low Bay
Total KWH: 1184,887 50,185
Annual Electricity Cost: £25,884 £7,026
Product Life: 8,000 hours 70,000 hours
Annual Energy Savings %: 0% 73%
Annual Savings: £0 £18,858
Annual Savings Over 10 Years: £0 £188,580
Payback (ROI): 11 Years

Industrial LED Saving

Existing Lighting New Lighting
Fittings: 6FT Fluorescent Tube Fittings and 400 watt SON New details
Total KWH: 1,587,034 421,803
Annual Electricity Cost: £127,333 £37,962
Product Life: 8,000 hours 70,000 hours
Annual Energy Savings %: 0% 74%
Annual Savings:
assuming energy rate does not increase
£0 £89,371
Annual Savings Over 10 Years: £0 £893,710
Payback (ROI): 1.3 years

LED Lighting

LED lighting is seen as the low hanging fruit when it comes to energy saving. There is a simple reason for this – It is a quick and simple project to undertake with a supplier who knows what they are doing and understands what customers want to achieve. Procure Direct only supply LED lighting that is right for the client. We pride ourselves in offering the correct solution.

Free LED Lighting Audit

Private and Public sector organisations have a keen eye on the bottom line, and for good reason.

In today’s world of rising costs, getting just as much clarity on your energy consumption is vital which is why smart organisations across the world are investing into technologies which either reduce energy, generate energy and store energy.

If you aren’t clear about where your energy consumption is being used and spent then we can help you with this. The first step is to apply for a free energy audit.


Exceptional Project Management

We understand that there is no time to waste for manufacturers, that’s why we will handle the majority of the project for you and work with you. We will complete the audit, the energy saving calculations, design, funding applications (if applicable) for free.

Our experienced project management team, work hard before any work commences, creating a detailed project design and plan for the installation team to follow. This enables for a smooth installation with all issues located and plans put in place. We work to the very highest standards and follow all health and safety requirements.

Our installation teams can work through the night so there is the minimum amount of disruption to our client’s operation, or during weekends and shutdowns. We work with you not just for you!



Contact us today to find out about FREE Energy Management Audit and learn how much you can save.