Helping Schools Save Money

After 14 years of working within the Education Sector we are used to the issues that you face. We understand what you need to achieve and also we know how to make this happen.

Within a typical school budget 80% of the costs are fixed, this leave just 20% that are controllable. Out of this 20% of manageable budget, 80% of this is the cost of utilities. This means that for a school to be able to reduce their costs of electric and gas is the fastest way they can make a substantial saving.

However it is not just about savings and cash for a school, you also teach the children. Therefore teaching by example is the best way to make it clear to children that the environment is in danger and we all need to act now. Reducing your carbon footprint not only saves you cash, but also reduces your impact on the environment. Consuming less electric from the grid, helps reduce demand on fossil fuels.

The time to act is now!

We can help the Education sector with 3 very simple solutions, all combined together within a turnkey installation. We do this by first looking at your demand for energy (Gas, Electric and Oil) We then complete a number of surveys as detailed below

LED Lighting Improves The Working Environment

We attend site and complete a free of charge audit of all your lighting. We will need to walk your school and count every single light fitting in every location. While walking around and counting these fittings, we also work out what is needed within that location. This can be completed by taking measurements of the room and the current light levels as well as using our extensive 14 years knowledge of what a school needs. This information is then collated and added to an unlocked excel spread sheet. With this data you are able to then see what you are currently consuming and paying for the lighting within your school. (we know this cost will shock you along with how many lights you actually have). The same simple to read spread sheet then shows what you would consume with LED lighting in your school, and how much you will save. It will also tell you what your payback period will be on your investment (ROI). A typical school supplied and fitted with INVO LED lights will have a payback period of around 3 years.



As with the LED Lighting audit, we will complete a solar survey. This can be completed at the same time as the LED lighting survey, but instead of looking around the rooms, we just need access to the distribution boards and consumer units. We then take measurements from both Google Earth and also on the actual roof where possible. With this data, we then produce a simple calculation that shows how much energy we can produce from Solar PV on your roof. However this is where Procure Direct are different. We do not just fill your roofs with as much solar PV as they will take…Instead we look at what electric you consume now, and what electric you will consume after LED is installed. We can then tailor the Solar PV requirement to match your needs and demands. This means that your LED Lighting and Solar PV have been optimised to work alongside each other. The effect of this optimisation is a lower cost for the school, and therefore a faster payback.


Far Infrared Heating

With some schools still using costly oil to heat them and fluctuating costs of this, it is not a good solution when it comes to trying to budget for this cost. With many oil heated schools having issues with old heaters now is the time to look at replacing them. There are many health benefits to using Far Infrared Heating apart from running costs, this range from reduction in dust, clean heat with no fumes, no moving parts, reduction in damp to name a few. If your school is using electric heating then you need to speak to us now… Far Infrared Heating is around 98% efficient, meaning nearly all the electric that is put into the heater, comes out as heat, unlike your current electrical heating.


Case Study: William Farr 

Find out how we helped William Farr School save over £30,000 per year.


Case Study: Barton Hathow Preparatory School 

A solar project that delivered amazing results for Barton Hathow Preparatory School



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