The Benefits Of Far Infrared Heating

With some schools still using costly oil to heat them and faced with fluctuating costs, budgeting effectively can be difficult.

Many oil heated schools have issues with old heaters, but thankfully, there has never been a better time to look at replacing them.

As well as low running costs, there are many health benefits to using Far Infrared Heating: dust levels are reduced,  the heat is clean – there are no fumes, no moving parts nor damp.

If your school is using electric heating then you need to speak to us now! Far Infrared Heating is around 98% efficient, meaning nearly all the electric that is put into the heater, comes out as heat, unlike your current heating.

Free Infrared Heating Audits

A simple Far Infrared Heating audit that will take next to no time to complete will save you both money and time in the future.

Take advantage of this new technology and heat your school in the most efficient way possible.


Project Management

Due to working with so many schools and educators we understand that time is a big concern for clients, that’s why our team will manage everything for you from the FREE initial heating audit, energy saving calculations, design plan, funding application and installation of your Far Infrared Heating.

Our service will be provided within the time constraints given, with as little intrusion to teaching as possible, this includes working weekends and night shifts at no extra costs.



Are you aware there are grants and funding options for your Lighting, Heating and Solar projects? Procure Direct can help you locate and apply for some of these grants and funding options. Our team are happy to work with you and source any help that is available. Many funding options are cash positive, meaning the amounts you pay back each month are less than the savings you achieve from the technologies. Add to this the advanced warranty you quite literally have no risks



Contact us today to find out about FREE Energy Management Audit and learn how much you can save.