Project Description

We were asked to improve lighting levels around the site, but mainly within the PDI bays, workshops and all external areas. The client also wanted to reduce the electrical lighting energy consumption on-site and their CO2 emissions.

Key Targets

  • Reduce energy usage
  • Improve light quality
  • Reduce CO2
  • Payback of less than 2 years
  • No disruption to day-to-day operations of the workforce and machinery
  • Reduce maintenance costs

The Solution

First we worked on the external lighting above the bay entrances, as this was an area that needed light level improvements. This was achieved by removing the 400-watt metal halide fl oodlights, and replacing them with our INVO 150 watt high lumen fl oodlights.

We then focused on the offi ces and welfare areas and used our INVO LED SKY Panels and a combination of anti-corrosive LED battens with and without sensors. This improved light levels within the offi ce areas and where sensors were fi tted, reduced the amount of wasted lighting. The lights on the left side of the above photo are 400-watt metal halide.

The lights in the photo on the right are our INVO T300 150 watt Directional Floodlights.

One wash bay had no lighting under the machinery. By using our directional INVO lights we were able to lower the lights and produce an up-light effect. This produced an amazing and noticeable improvement to the light quality within the working area.

Finally, we removed and replaced the high-level fl oodlights around the site. Due to the constant movement of heavy construction machinery, we had to work closely with the on-site team to ensure everyone’s safety. The project was an incredible success and we believe that both the light levels and cost savings that will be forthcoming are both well beyond the client’s initial expectations.

“The brief for this project was to completely change all lighting on site to LED with the focus specifi cally to install the correct lighting for each different area of application. To achieve this six different lighting companies that specialise in LED lighting were asked to advise and quote. Procure Direct were very professional with insurmountable knowledge and understanding of the specifi c applications required. The installation was quick and seamless and we are very impressed with the results.”


  • Annual Energy Savings: £19,264

  • Annual Maintenance Savings: £3,150

  • Payback Period: 2.1 years

  • Total Savings Over 10-Year Lifespace: £224,140