Project Description

We were asked to look at all areas of both properties incorporating a large retail shop and the wholesale warehouse and advise on what could be done to improve the light levels firstly and secondly save energy and replace old fittings.

Key Targets

  • Reduction of energy usage
  • Improvement of light quality
  • Fastest possible payback
  • Minimal disruption to trading time

The Solution
After first carrying out a trial installation to show the client what we could achieve in a small part of his showroom he decided to proceed with a total roll out of our LED lighting throughout his business.

In the main shop floor area we used our 600×1200 LED Grill panels, these use just 54 watts each and replaced panels that were using 182 watts each. You will see by the photos the improvement in light levels was considerable while at the same time reducing the consumed energy drastically. Office areas had a mix of 600×600 panels and baton fittings, so here we used our LED Grill Panel and LED Baton fittings. Externally we used a combination of LED Flood lights and Retro 22 watt LED SON70 replacements.

At the wholesale location we used a combination of 600×600 LED Grill Panel, 4ft LED baton fittings and within the warehouse side we took down all 400 watt low bay lights and replaced with our 100 and 150 watt LED Low Bay units. The improvement in light levels can clearly be seen in the pictures, while again reducing energy consumption massively.

We carried out the installation during a combination of early starts and late finishes during the week and weekends.


  • Annual Energy Savings: £6,927

  • Annual Energy Savings: £2,500

  • Payback Period: 2.1 years

  • Total Savings Over 10-Year Lifespan: £69,270