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AGPHD Funding Process

AGPHD Ltd is able to support your efforts to implement energy efficiency measures.  Specifically ….

Private Sector Funding:

*         Are you a private landlord?

*         Have you addressed the 2018 Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) which the Govt. requires all landlords to achieve in order to continue letting their properties?

*         Contact us to arrange the necessary statutory Energy Efficiency Audit giving you the MEES Report and recommendations for achieving Band E or above.

*         Already got your MEES Report?  Wondering what to do with it? Wondering how you can afford the necessary Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM)?

*         Contact us for assistance to select a cost effective implementation plan ….. and funding if you need it!!

Public Sector Funding:

*         Are you an academy or maintained school, confronted with increasing energy costs and shrinking budgets?

*         Do you want to reduce your energy overhead and save teaching resources?

*         Do you need an up-to-date energy assessment to help you decide what measures to apply to your school buildings, and just as important how to use the improved energy saving facilities once implemented?

*         Contact us for assistance to select a cost effective implementation plan ….. and funding if you need it!!


Many SMEs are conscious of the need to present positive environmental policies to their clients and to the wider public.  We are excited to announce that, though our association with AGPHD , we are able to support these goals, and make a positive contribution to our clients’ environmental strategies.

*         AGPHD is the sole “Introducer” to Octopus Energy, and they are active in sourcing Green Energy supply to Public Sector bodies such as: Schools and Academies, Housing Associations, Commercial Sector Properties and businesses.

*      Three tariffs are available ranging from conventional energy supply using fossil fuel sources through to the premium 100% Green supply, largely self-generated by Octopus’ own resources.

Contact us now to find out how we can:

*         make energy savings,

*         upgrade your energy systems, and

*         help you make an impact on your marketplace and local community!!

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